QA Raffle Quilt

Traditionally each year, volunteers from the organization create a quilt of unique design to be presented as a raffle quilt. The quilt is displayed at many venues throughout the year where raffle tickets are sold. In March, the raffle quilt is exhibited at the QA quilt show and a winning ticket is drawn at the April meeting. Proceeds from the Raffle quilt go into the general fund that supports our mission and educational programs.

Each member is encouraged to purchase ten raffle tickets, for themselves or for resale. The raffle quilt is always a genuine work of art that anyone would feel honored to own.

2025 Raffle Quilt: "Faux Wedding Ring"

QA member Carol Hill donated this quilt top she had made, which she adapted from a
pattern by Chris Jurd of Sydney, Australia. Adrienne Reynolds did the longarm quilting.
Carol has this to say about her adaptation: “I made some changes to [Chris’s] design
in the way the intersections meet. . . . The white arcs are hand-appliquéd onto the black
background; the rest is machine pieced. All the white pieces are from the same fabric,
while the black backgrounds are varied. The pieced strips contain several hundred prints,
seven color groups in four shades each, light to dark. The intersections are black-and-
white checkerboards, with black-and-white striped points to make stars.”

QA member Carol Hill donated this quilt top she had made, which she adapted from a pattern by Chris Jurd of Sydney, Australia.  Adrienne Reynolds did the longarm quilting. 

Carol has this to say about her adaptation: "I made some changes to [Chris's] design in the way the intersections meet . . . The white arcs are hand-appliqued onto the black background; the rest is machine pieced.  All the white pieces are from the same fabric, while the black backgrounds are varied.  The pieced strips contain several hundred prints, seven color grorups in four shades each, light to dark.  The intersections are black-and-white checkerboards, with black-and-white points to make stars."

The quilt is 71″x82″.

Tickets are available for purchase at the monthly QA meetings, and at the quilt show in March 2025.

Previous Raffle Quilts

2024: Feathers for Linda

Pieced, quilted, and embellished by Linda Tellesbo, "Feathers for Linda" was a prize-winning quilt in the 2006 QA Quilt Show. It was expertly pieced and quilted, it displays extensive trapunto, and was embellished with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

Linda was a valued member of QA for many years before her untimely death in 2014. This beautiful quilt was later donated to QA as a raffle quilt and reminds us of a very special member of Quilters Anonymous.

The quilt is 84″x84″.

2023: Grassy Creek

Bonnie Hunter specializes in scrap quilts, and offers a mystery quilt to her readers each winter. Once a week for 6-8 weeks, she releases "clues" giving participants instructions for creating specific units that will be combined to create the "mystery" quilt top.

This intricate and scrappy quilt is based on Bonnie Hunter's Winter 2020 mystery quilt, "Grassy Creek". Pieced by Sue Mattson using Bonnie's suggested nature-themed color palette. Machine quilted by Vicki Boddy using an original pattern. 

The quilt is 94″x94″.

2021/2022: Tessellations

QA member Cindy Krafft organized this year's colorful and virtually sparkly quilt using the 'Tessellation" pattern by Alison Glass.

Approximately 60 QA members made the paper-pieced blocks. Several members helped assemble the quilt top and remove all the paper from the back of the quilt at the 2019 retreat.

Machine quilted by Pam Cope.

The quilt is 90”X101”.

2020: Hidden Spools

Based on the "Hidden Spools" pattern by Bonnie Hunter, this quilt was a whole-guild effort. QA members submitted finished paper-pieced blocks using their own fabrics.

Susan Holcomb coordinated the efforts, and Shirley Rock took all the finished blocks and assembled them into this gorgeous and playful quilt.

Machine quilted by Sheila Hooper.

The quilt is 79”X95”.

2019: Cascade Beauty

A photograph of an antique quilt inspired this "Cascade Beauty". QA members Jan Halgrimson and Joyce Fleckenstein used a New York Beauty pattern as the base, and Jan revised it to better match the antique quilt in the photo.

Pieced by Jan Halgrimson and Joyce Fleckenstein. Quilted by Adrienne Reynolds. 

The quilt is 90"X90".

2018: Fairy Dust

These intricate puffs of "fairy dust" were foundation paper pieced by Linda Tellesbo from a pattern by Kathleen Starr. Machine quilted by Catherine Kessel of American Quiltworks.

The quilt is 84"X105".

2017: Japanese Fan

Linda Tellesbo's family donated the quilt top in loving memory of her. Linda was a QA member and Judy Niemeyer Educator for years before she passed away.

Linda pieced this stunning quilt from a pattern by Judy Niemeyer. Cindy Glancy machine quilted it.

The quilt is 108"X108".

2016: Scraps Gone Blue

The layout of this blue and white quilt is an original layout by QA's SCRAPS satellite group. The center blocks are based on the Union Square block from Nancy Martin's book "Two Color Quilts". The flowers on the appliquéd border are based on the book "Beautiful Botanicals" by Deborah Kemball.

Designed, pieced, and appliquéd by members of the SCRAPS satellite group. Quilted by Cindy Glancy.

The quilt is 96"X95".

2015: Tulips Under a Northwest Sky

Our winter skies may be gray and rainy, but this quilt will remind you that when the tulips start to bloom, every day seems sunny and bright!

This French Braid quilt with additional appliqué was pieced and quilted by QA's Pins and Needles satellite group.

The quilt is 88"X102".

2014: Rendezvous

Designed, pieced, and quilted by QA members Judy Madsen and Laurie Vilbrandt, this quilt was inspired by a photograph of a garden gate in the Sunday paper that Judy had clipped and saved.

Several appliqué and piecing techniques were used to give the impression of looking through a wrought iron gate into a mysterious and colorful garden.

The quilt is 89"X103".

2013: Lilypalooza Another Conundrum

Designed by QA guild member Deborah Haynes with inspiration from Sara Nephew. This is the fifth quilt Deborah has made in her quest to create the impression of a stained glass window without the use of bias tape or appliqué. Her fourth attempt, titled Winchester Conundrum, was the Viewer's Choice Award winner at the 2011 QA annual show, so the guild board was delighted when Deb offered to lead the effort to make the 2013 raffle quilt.

Pieced by Deborah Haynes, Maurine Roy, and Kate Wigner. Quilted by Adrienne Reynolds of Artichoke Quilts.

The quilt is 83"X95".

2012: Flowers in My Garden

The Double Wedding Ring pattern is one of the most popular in quilting history, first published in 1928, but dating back to the 1800s. Judy Niemeyer's pattern, "A Garden for My Wedding Ring", adds a beautiful appliqué border around the double wedding ring center of the quilt.

Pieced, hand appliquéd, and quilted by members of QA's Judy Niemeyer satellite group. 

The quilt is 81"X92".

2011: Nouveau Twist

Armed with an idea for a twisted log cabin block quilt, QA members created this original design with inspiration from Barbara Kaempfer's "Log Cabin with a Twist" and RaNae Merrill's "Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts." 

The quilt uses multiple gradations of teal and coffee-colored batiks to create the desired sense of movement. With 1576 pieces, the working title of the quilt was "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time", but the end result was worth the effort.

Designed and pieced by QA members Carolee Hopper, Marcia Sakrison, Linda Treggett, and Carol Whaley. Quilted by Wanda Rains.

The quilt is 84"X100".

2010: Splendid Feathers, Princess Feather

The idea behind this quilt was to create a traditional pattern using non-traditional fabrics. The Princess Feather appliqué block is usually done in red and green, but here the quilters used hand-dyed fabrics in jewel tones.

Designed and pieced by QA members Sally LeBoeuf, Virginia Anderson, Leanna Olmsted, and Cathy Katte. Quilted by Patty Guinn.

2009: Wish You Were Here! Postcards from the Northwest

This quilt features 20 appliquéd "postcards" on the front, and one postcard/label on the back. Each quilter chose a typical Pacific Northwest scene/landmark, and turned it into an appliqué design. Put all together, they make a totally unique, Pacific Northwest quilt.

Hand appliquéd and machine quilted by QA members.

The quilt is 75"X92".

2008: Quiltmaker's Stars

Pieced and machine quilted by Jennifer Krause, based on the "Vintage Stars" pattern by Carol Love of Sagebud Designs but modified to a larger size. 

Fabrics inspired by the book The Quiltmaker's Gift (by Jeff Brumbeau with illustration by Gail de Marcken) were used for this quilt; the lucky raffle quilt winner also received a copy of the book.

The quilt is 80"X93".

2007: Autumn Kaleidoscope

This design is actually based on a single quilt block, the Dakota Star, but creative fabric placement really made the design come to life. 

Designed by QA member Debi Pennington. Pieced by QA members using foundation paper piecing. Machine quilted by Wanda Rains.

The quilt is 90"X110".

2006: Mariners Jubilee

This quilt is named "Mariners Jubilee" in honor of QA's 25th anniversary quilt show. Carol and Patrick Hill created the original design with inspiration from several sources, but especially  "A Few Compasses Between Friends" (by Gerry Sween and Susan Rossi, printed in Quilters Newsletter Magazine, issues 357-360).

Machine pieced and hand appliquéd by QA members; hand quilted by an Amish quilter.

The quilt is 98"X98".

2005: Celtic Papavar Orientale

This original design was inspired by red poppies in the garden of QA member Barbara Rincon. QA members pieced blocks from light batik fabrics for the background, which were then coffee-dyed  to achieve a peek-thru effect for the batiks. 

QA members Barbara Rincon, Anne Gillihan, Patti Glenn, Shelley Hanberg, Jo Moen, Barby Murawski, Margie Plebuch, David Rincon, and Sheila Quentin designed and hand appliquéd the quilt. It was quilted by David Rincon

The quilt is 99"X99"".

2004: Pacific Rim Garden Party

Designed by members of QA's Queen Anne Quilters satellite group, based on a lantern block pattern from Dev Darby of Austrlia. Pieced and appliquéd by QA members. Machine quilted by Sally Howard. 

The Japanese character in the top border - kotobuki - stands for "congratulations" and "longevity."

The quilt is 90"X100".

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